Shopping For A Good Cause

Shopping For A Good Cause at A Fancy Flamingo, means by purchasing our bracelets and bags helps us fight for greater awareness and acceptance of autism!  A huge thank you from all of us!

Here is how:

Firstly, we use our social media platforms and website to talk about autism.¬†¬†Autism presents differently in everyone, Neurotypicality presents differently in everyone.¬†Shopping for a good cause at A Fancy Flamingo helps support greater awareness and acceptance of Autism. The world of Autism can be hugely difficult to understand but, at the heart of it, there is no better way to explain what Autism really is than TakiwńĀtanga:¬†in his/her/their own space and time

Secondly, A Fancy Flamingo donates 10% of all our sales to Talos Foundation.

Talos Foundation work very hard to bring awareness to neurodiversity in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific.

So shop for a good cause:

Pick up your new chic summer wardrobe addition or a gift that does good for a friend.