About Us: Handmade bracelets, Greater Awareness and Acceptance of Autism

At A Fancy Flamingo we are incredibly passionate about two things, handmade bracelets and greater awareness and acceptance of autism.  We love creating the bracelets and bags you love but this is not all we are.  We are also incredibly passionate about building greater awareness and acceptance of autism.  Through our social media channels we talk a lot about Autism and our own experiences. Then from the sale of every handmade bracelet sold, we make a donation to the Talos Foundation. To learn more about this please visit our Shopping For A Good Cause page.  

So have a look around our store, pick up a handmade bracelet or two, or three! Remember, you are Shopping For A Good Cause, you are helping us to create greater awareness and acceptance of autism.

My name is Alexis, I live in Hong Kong with my husband and our two young children, who are everything to us.  Annabel, 6, is neurotypical, and apart from being an absolute superstar in her own right, is Xander's biggest champion. Xander, 4, is affectionate, he makes eye contact and he is autistic, he is exactly who he is meant to be and we wouldn't wish him to be any different. 

Greater Awareness and Acceptance of Autism

Autism presents differently in everyone, Neurotypicality presents differently in everyone.¬†Shopping for a good cause at A Fancy Flamingo helps support greater awareness and acceptance of Autism. The world of Autism can be hugely difficult to understand but, at the heart of it, there is no better way to explain what Autism really is than TakiwńĀtanga:¬†in his/her/their own space and time

Your shopping for a good cause at A Fancy Flamingo, purchasing handmade bracelets and supporting autism, helps us to really strive for greater awareness and acceptance.  Learning what true happiness is for someone and taking joy from the most simple moments.  These are the greatest lessons we have learned through our journey with Autism, it is a journey we feel very privileged to be on.